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Welcome to Associates in Infectious Diseases

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Putting Patients First

At Associates in Infectious Diseases, our specialty care patients are able to access state-of-the-art treatments from renowned physicians, with shorter waiting times for appointments, fast access to infusions, and 24/7 electronic access to personal health records through our portal. Personalized patient care and access to the latest treatment and clinical trials is what sets Associates in Infectious Diseases apart from the rest.

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Monday – Thursday 8:30 – 4:30
Friday 8:30-3:30
 Saturday -Sunday Closed

 (772) 335-4234

Fax: (772) 335-4236

Inpatient Hospital Care

We provide in-hospital specialty care to all Martin and St Lucie County Hospitals to treat and manage a range of conditions to decrease your length of stay in the hospital and improve the quality of your care.


Infusion Treatment Suite

Our infectious disease clinic provides state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatments for a range of conditions. We strive to identify, co-manage and reduce the complications of HIV, Osteoporosis, Cardiac disease, Diabetes, Metabolic syndromes, Osteomyelitis, and Renal disease. 



Dr. Collin is Friendly with excellent bed side manners. He takes his time with his patients, and is never in a rush – he right away came up with diagnosis and treatment plan. when I left there I felt all my questions were answered. His staff is friendly and attentive. The IV suite with Dawn kept me out of the hospital ! Her reassurance and care made going through this ordeal a breeze instead of the ordeal I anticipated. recommend this office anytime.

Elisabeth DeSoto

He fought to get my insurance to cover the treatment I needed and advocated for me to help speed up my care with other specialists. He is a known charitable doctor with his own not-for-profit clinic he runs to help those living with infectious diseases.

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They should all be like this guy. There are people who should be in this profession and others perhaps not. Dr. Collin imparts to both patient and family a sense of trust and sincerity for which I am very grateful.

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